Well it was fun! Time to wind it down now.

Well it was fun! Time to wind it down now.

I had a lot of fun writing this blog (when I actually was writing it) but it’s time to take it down.

First, an update!

What have I been up to? Basically I got really busy, and the desire to write the blog went on the back burner. I’m still doing the stay at home dad part, but I enrolled into a full-time degree, doing a Bachelor in Primary School Teaching. So between that, the four kids, church responsibilities, and the rest of real life, my blog ended up coming last. And cause I’m paying for a website, instead of using a free blog, I should take it down if I’m not writing it! (I’ve thought about transferring over to a free site, but probably won’t.)

The kids

Our oldest will be 6 in December, she started school at the start of the year and is killing it! The twins are 4 at the end of this month, and they’re both still doing great at kindy. The youngest is almost 1 and a half and has just learnt to walk. I can’t believe we have 4 kids, what a crazy life! As much as things can be trying and testing, we’re so blessed to have each one of them, and we love them so much.


What I really appreciated was everyone’s support along the way, and also giving a man’s perspective on being the parent at home. The reality in 2019 is that traditional family roles aren’t always an option. In fact for most young parents, it’s not an option. Many can’t even afford to have one parent at home with the kids, and both need to be working full time. In our case, my wife has been at work being an absolute boss, and making more money than I would be. (Certainly more than I will be on a teachers salary!) So it’s a no brainer to have her earning the money. I’ve been lucky to be at home and experience this life, it has been a blessing for me.

Also I appreciate the family and friends who have helped and continue to help us out. It really does take a village, and without all your support we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Main lesson?

My main takeaway is that the women in our lives, the majority of whom either have been the one to stay at home or do stay at home, are amazing. The sacrifices they make are enormous. And as a guy, you never really know how much until you try it for yourself. Many find it hard enough looking after the kids for a day! So to all the mums out there, thank you for all you do, and for all you’ve done.

Also I need to mention, after 4 years being at home, there are still some things I suck at. Number one, housework. I’m definitely not a housework person, I absolutely hate it! And I’m terrible at it anyway.
Secondly, generally speaking, I find that stay at home mums are much better at coming up with fun activities for their kids than I am. I’m not sure if it’s a guy thing or a me thing! (Probably a me thing.)

Thank you

So thank you all again, for reading along. It’s been fun!

Baby Amnesia

Baby Amnesia