Daddy at home update! Plus Work and Activewear.

Daddy at home update! Plus Work and Activewear.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve put something up! I’m refocusing, so I can get back to putting something up more regularly. My absence has been a combination of business, tiredness and laziness! So, I’ll make this a bit of a catch up blog and we’ll resume normal transmission on the next one.

So, what’s new? Well the twins turn one year old next month! I can’t believe how fast that’s gone by. I guess even though I’ve been “officially” off work since October last year, next month I’ll have been a stay at home dad for a year! That’s soo crazy! It’s been such a journey being the main parent at home, so much to learn, hard at times but great overall. I’ve been blessed to have had such a big role in the development of my three girls during such an important time in their lives.

I’ve always had the question asked of me “so when do you think you’ll be going back to work?” I’m pretty sure I’ve been asked that more than people ask a mum when she’s going back to work. Regardless it’s a good question and the answer is most likely “soon”. If we could survive on one income for the rest of our lives then it would be great to stay home. But we have a few things we’d like to do, like start a business in the short term and own a home in the very very very long term, if at all, haha. This means I’ll probably have to go back to work soon. When I go back and where I’ll go is a mystery but an exciting one. And I'm sure the managers will be great, competent leaders!

The Activewear Experiment

The other day I went out with a friend and we ended up at a cafe. Every mum or woman there was dressed in one of two ways: like she just stepped out of an Ezibuy catalogue or just got back from the gym.

The whole “activewear as everyday wear” thing has always confused me. I guess it’s cause I’m not a woman! So maybe you can tell me why? It is a comfort thing? Is it because you really did just come from the gym? Did you run out of normal clothes? Anyway, I thought “if you can’t beat em, join em” and decided to give it a go the next day!

I don’t own yoga pants so my Canterbury NZ pants had to do. I wore my Adidas Climacool tennis shirt, a light Nike jacket, and New Balance cross trainers. The first thing I realised was I looked ridiculous. The term “brand basher” came to mind! I looked like I couldn’t decided between going to the gym, playing tennis or going for a light jog. Regardless, off I went to my Thursday babies class.

Me being active

Apart from feeling somewhat self conscious, I didn’t notice any funny looks and no-one commented on what I was wearing. I’m not sure if this is because people just didn’t care or because I pulled the look off so flawlessly. (Probably the second.) I did feel cool and comfortable though, and probably could have subbed into an indoor netball game at a moments notice. But I still didn’t really answer my questions. So if the lovely women readers of my blog could answer, I’d appreciate it.

Wifey's Birthday

Lastly, another reason I've been absent is my planning for this year's birthday gift. Each year I try to get an awesome birthday gift for my wife but last year I failed for the first time. I've had to work like crazy these last few weeks on getting it sorted. Previously I've gotten things like an engagement ring, a bungee jump and swimming with sharks. This year may top all previous years (except maybe the engagement ring.) You'll all find out what it is this year very soon, as her birthday is 4th August. She tries to guess every year what I'm planning and this year she thinks she's knows what it is. Hahaha, what a funny joke!

Well that’s all for now. I hope to have something up again a lot sooner that it’s taken to get this up. But thanks for reading, and thanks for all your comments and support!

If you can provide insight on why women wear activewear clothing to places like a cafe, please comment below or on my Facebook page!

Unintended side effect of being a Stay at Home Dad

Unintended side effect of being a Stay at Home Dad

It's hard being a mum!

It's hard being a mum!