Baby Amnesia

Basically, I almost can’t remember anything about how to look after the baby. And we only had the last ones a couple of years ago!

Identity - more that "just a mum"

When you become a parent your priorities change. You're generally aware this will happen and that the days of doing whatever you want whenever you want will be over. But sometimes, even all the preparation in the world doesn't actually compare to the reality that hits you.

Time to go back to work!

It’s time for me to go back to work. We have a few family goals that we want to achieve in both the short, medium and long term and to be able to do that, we’ll both need to be working.

The Digital Dilemma

My parents actually censored what we watched quite a lot compared to our friends. I wasn’t allowed to watch any of the cool stuff like Power Rangers or The Simpsons.

A Man in a Woman's World

My friend Christina asked if I would like to bring the twins along to a playgroup she goes to. I was mostly excited and partially nervous because this was my first proper playgroup and I didn't know what to expect.


Off to the supermarket to get some tests. This time, I try to keep cool about it, just in case nothing happens.